Sunday, July 29, 2007

Going Fishin'

Well, a couple weeks ago, the girls had their first fishing lesson, compliments of their grandpa. Of course, the day we went it was raining and freezing up at 8,000 feet, but at least Marina had fun! She was so fun to watch, taking it seriously, and holding her pole just right. Jessie, on the other hand, kept waving her pole around, and declared (after five minutes of sitting), "We've been here FOREVER!" Ah, kids! But they loved choosing the color of Power Bait they used, and I discovered a marvelous thing: if you threaten to put Power Bait on Jessie's thumbs, she won't keep putting them in her mouth! Now if we could only keep that up!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Funny Stuff My Kids Did

Just a couple things from the wonderful world of kids that made me laugh!

(Overheard from the next room) (Thud! Jessie almost crying.) Marina -- "Are you OK, Jessie? That's why we shouldn't rock the rocking chair too fast. Are you OK? We won't do that again, OK, Jessie? We won't do that again." (Pause) "Let's do that one more time and see if it hurts us."

Or the time Marina came home and proudly announced, "Mom, I'm viviparous!"

Or the sweet little things like when Jessie decided I needed a compliment and told me, "Mom, you have a nice belly button!" I laughed and protested that she couldn't see my belly button. She looked at me consideringly and said, "Mom, you have nice hips!" THAT'S a new one!