Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pre-Valentines Ramble

Life is never boring around here, I'll give it that! Only today we had the three oldest out sledding with their mutual group, after a snow campout for Jenero and a game/dance for Crisha at the high school last night. Adria got to go on a field trip to Salt Lake and Steve's been busy fixing things (chairs, four-wheelers . . . ) in the garage. Not to mention the little kids have reveled in having first access to the computer (yes, we love Webkinz) and McDonalds playplace across the street. Of course, I also have to monitor to make sure that Marina doesn't go in and out of her window (she's got a big window in the basement so it's easy for her to climb down and up), Jessica doesn't crack her head open on her skateboard (she's getting pretty good at the balancing thing . . . she thinks of it as a scooter without a handle), not to mention we all get to keep Sim in our sights -- which is particularly NOT easy with the speed he can get, lol! I love weekends, though they're much more tiring than weekdays sometimes. Particularly when after all the fun, we end up with cold, grumpy kids (who didn't bring home all the sleds), pouting kids who are mad at the world because they weren't allowed to keep tracking mud through their windows, and adults who have reached the limit of their patience with trying to be cheerful come what may. Saturday is a special day. . . right? =)

One thing I love is that it's actually been warmer a few days this last week. I was amazed when I could go outside in simply a sweater and be fine with it! I miss being able to take long walks without getting numb toes or just being able to go hiking for a date. I'll admit that the only winter sports I really like are sledding and snowshoeing. =) Are those sports? At any rate, I for one am NOT sad at all the melting snow around here. Do you realize I can get out of my driveway without getting stuck in the buildup of ice we've had for months? Yay! I think the best Valentine's present would be a nice warm, sunny day! You can keep the chocolate, I seem to be solar powered anyway!