Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twas the week before Christmas

Busy. Crazy. Unexpected. Fun. Irritating. Hilarious. Pretty much sums up life lately. Thanksgiving was the most laid-back Thanksgiving in my adult life and I LOVED it!! We had prepared a lot ahead of time so that we could take our time on the actual day and just enjoy things as they came. And this Christmas season has been fun, though I know I've spent way more than I'd planned on. It's my one downfall with money: when I'm spending on others, I want to spend much, much more than if I were just getting stuff for myself. Ah well, we're not bankrupt! Yet. =) I did get to send Crisha's package today since she just recently got a job and won't be coming home for Christmas after all. Bummer. Just when we'd decided on the best (and most comfortable) bus line to use, too. At least we know for future trips! So the only kid who'll actually be home for Christmas is Serene, though all the others (except Crisha) will be here the day after, so we'll finish up the present thing then. The hard part is deciding what Steve and I will unwrap on Christmas day and what to save to let the kids see us unwrap. Miss Marina and Jessie already.

In other news, our dog found a new home. We had her for a few months and she was STILL scared stiff of Steve, wouldn't play with the kids AT ALL, and only was half-way acceptable as a companion around me when I was alone or just with Serene. So Macy now has a home with a quiet, older couple who also have a Maltese. Apparently Macy and the other dog became great friends after a couple days and the couple just think she's wonderful. Yay. Always glad to know we made the right decision by her. After all, we promised to take care of that dog when we adopted her from the shelter, but she just was not comfortable with the bustle of our home. Glad we were able to take care of her in SOME way.

Picture time! We did the pajama-opening before the first kiddos took off for vacation so I posted these two because it shows off my very meager skills with the sewing machine. At least the flannel designs were perfect for the recipients!
And I had to add Serene "smiling" on command for the camera. Can't imagine where she gets it from . . .
So here we are now, people coming and going all the time it seems, waiting for Santa to show up here (and elsewhere) so we can share happiness and excitement with everyone around us. I have to say, though, as much as Serene loves Santa and the idea that he's coming, her favorite things in the WORLD (not just Christmas things) is her Silent Night book and her laminated manger scene with moveable people and animals. Probably the most fun I have each day is watching her line up her baby Jesus with the star and move the angel and other figures around. And she's so sweet and tender whenever she speaks of "baby Jesus." In spite of her tantrums, Serene is a great example to me. =) Merry Christmas!!