Wednesday, February 16, 2011

April Fools Came Early

So it was like 60 the other day. And now we have several inches of very wet, compact snow outside . . . and it's still falling. If it weren't so late, I'd be out there making a snowman, though! First wet snow all season, lol!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


So this week I launched a battle on dust. Ceiling fans, picture frames, lamp shades, nothing was safe from my duster.

Curtains, however, were awarded special attention. They have never been down in the almost two years since we moved in, and I have NO idea how long it's been since anyone did anything about them before that. (Seriously, I have never seen so much dust in one piece of fabric in my life. Of course, judging by how grimy our chandelier was when we moved in, that doesn't surprise me.) So curtains came down, and except for the "Dry Clean Only" ones in my bedroom were washed and ironed. So far so good. And mostly even after that. But I'll admit it -- the kitchen curtains defeated me.

To start with, they were homemade (read: imperfect to begin with), and put on ludicrously wide curtain rods (read: it'd be a pain in the neck to actually find curtains in my price range to replace them to fit on those silly rods. And when someone painted the kitchen its two-tone faux finish, they didn't remove the rods, so I can't really replace them without having to paint the whole kitchen over). And then, it was an all-out battle: first to get them off the rods, then to get them back ON. And one window we had to fudge it. I noticed a couple panels needed mending on the sleeve part, so I mended them. And then found out why they were ripped when I attempted (yes, attempted) to put them back on their rod. Didn't work. At all. So they again have a few rips, lol, but finally they are back on and up in the window. AND I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. Seriously. If they need dusting, I will take them out rod and all and pound the life out of them outside, but they are not coming off that rod unless I find some curtains to replace the whole gang with someday (we have 6 matching windows). Ugh. My hands and arms are sore from all that wrestling with inanimate objects. It even hurts to type! =)

Friday, February 4, 2011

4 minutes in a toddler's life

So this is especially for you who can't be here to watch the sometimes amazing feats of one particular toddler. =) This means you, A. Just a few little quirks of the little one.

Lip Gloss

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Millions, smillions

Gotta just pass this on. My sister sent me the link explaining just how much this "president" of ours proposing to cut from our country's extraordinarily large "budget." Anyone else agree the guy's all talk?

Oh, and just found this related video regarding the "stimulus" bill designed to "save" jobs. I've known the numbers, but I love the visualizations!