Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas (Part I)

Merry Christmas! It was the quietest Christmas I can remember for a long time, but still fun for all of that. =) Here are some shots of each of us with one of our gifts from Christmas morning:

Steve-oh, with his oh-so-cool sled. (Watch out world! Not to mention those punks on Old Main, lol.)

Me, being completely spoiled by my husband. Behold the waterproof, shockproof, practically kidproof camera! With settings for just about every situation of picture taking, including self-portraits, candlelight, fireworks, night lights, underwater . . . way too much fun.

And the munchkin. Sure, she loved her spoons and cereal and high chair; but nothing could compare to the wrapping paper! Wheeee! (Okay, so the first munchkin picture is from a couple days ago when she unwrapped her Grandma and Grandpa ornament . . . but it's still cute!)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Once there was a snowman . . .

So here is Steve's masterpiece (with some help from yours truly with the stacking).

And here is Marina for perspective the extremely warm winter's day after the night we built him. (Remember, the blonde is about four feet tall.) Don't worry, our snowman's not too concerned with his looks as he ages (i.e. melts). =)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little Trickster

Jessica has loved being in her jumprope club these last few months. Tonight they had their equivalent of a recital. And here's one of Jessie's solos. And FYI, she was so not feeling well tonight after having had stomach troubles all day, but she was determined to do her part anyway.

And after she was done, she threw up.

No, she's not going to school tomorrow.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I love my kids!

This morning I got up after many arguments with myself, fed the baby, put the baby back to bed, exercised, and then went out and shoveled our snow. Again. When I came in, it was time for the little kids to get up (the older ones got up while I was shoveling snow). When I was trying to convince Jessica and Marina to get up, amid many groans, I had to laugh and say, "Hey, I've already exercised AND shoveled the walk!" Jessica tilted her head backwards to look up at me and said, "You're a good mommy." Ah shucks. Now if I could only be that all the time. =)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Would you eat a spoonful of horseradish for $2.00?

So once again we had a fun night of seeing what the human body can endure for money. Steve offered anyone two dollars if they could eat a spoonful of horseradish sauce, keep it in the mouth for five seconds, and then swallow (no spitting out!). Even Crisha's friend got coerced into doing it. So here's the results. =)

Take your pick for the funniest reaction, but hands down, Sim had the most unexpected one. None! That's our little half-blood Mexican! That kid can eat anything hot and it doesn't phase him. Guess I should have seen that one coming, right? =)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So here's our family that was up here Thanksgiving day. Yay! We had a fun time (well, I did), and I discovered how Mom and Dad feel when we all gather at their house in Providence. Okay, so I kinda found out . . . Mom and Dad have just a bit bigger family. But hey! We had the typical feast with lots of yummy turkey, potatoes, gravy, veges, etc. And dessert. And more dessert. And still more dessert. After all, what's a feast for? And don't worry, we played several games to help keep us away from food part of the time and then wear off at least some of those delicious calories! =)

Christmas With a Capital C

Okay, so I normally don't do the whole Christian Rock thing, but I have to admit I enjoyed this clip. So hey, enjoy! Or if you don't enjoy it, imagine me with a silly grin listening to it instead. =)