Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Uhhh, what was that?

Oh, right! That's QUIET. Although it's only 'cause it's nap/quiet time, it still exists here. Wow. Two, count them ONE, TWO kids at home. Granted, one's an active toddler and one runs everywhere and rivals even me with verbal words per minute, but what a difference it is! I can actually keep track of everyone I'm in charge of, there's no pushing for turns on the slip-n-slide, there's no blaming anyone for outrageous things (well, none that I can't automatically disprove by the fact that a toddler just CAN'T do some things), and I "get" to make dinner every night and do dishes every day. And night. Okay, so I could live without those last two, but honestly, the dishes thing really isn't much of a change. Dinner though. Do you know how long it's been since I was pretty much exclusively in charge of meal planning? Weird.

So yes, we miss everyone. From out-of-state to just out-of-town, we miss them. Counting down till mid-August!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So I thought June was busy, but July has started off with a bang! Our sick tree finally got cut down, Steve's Mom's family was up here, several of my family came the next week, Jessie's soccer tournament is this week, and don't forget my favorite cousin's wedding that was last Saturday!

So here's just the highlights of the pics:

Tree -- what's left of it. Just perfect for a two-level tree house.

Kid Wash (as opposed to a car wash) -- my brother-in-law's creation for lots of wet fun

The munchkin looking adorable. And with her highly appropriate shirt her aunt brought out for her. =)The Oquirrh Mountain Temple and my beautiful cousin with her new fam.