Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Serene's Spectacular Splat

So my daughter is a runner. Especially when she's dead tired and stuck at church. She gets so hyper that she just sprints away from whomever is watching her, giggling and shrieking the whole time. Last Sunday she rediscovered the stage at the back of the cultural hall. (She first discovered it when she went to see Santa and get a jingle bell.) She had a grand ol' time running around the stage, in and out of the curtains lining the wings, running through the curtains lining those wings, not caring where she was going and having a blast that she could run right through a curtain until it finally pulled off her head and she could see again. Necessary background info here.

Later, when church was almost over and I was sick of chasing Serene up and down the hallways (and trying to keep her off the stairs that led from the hall to the stage), I let Serene run around crazy in the cultural hall with about four other little ones Serene's age whose parents had also given up trying to corral their kids. The toddlers all had fun running in circles and such. And then Serene made a dash for the other side of the hall . . . where there was another set of stairs leading up to the stage. I sighed, resigned to having to go chase her yet again, and crossed the hall to the stairs. As I started up, I heard one of the dads behind me say, "She's clear on the other side of the stage!" I ran up the stairs and found my little one laughing and smiling at me from beside a black curtain in the wings. As I started across the stage, Serene shrieked with a grin, turned, and started running right at -- and through -- a deep maroon curtain. That lined the front of the stage. So picture, if you will, a little toddler with the biggest grin, shrieking her head off as she laughs and runs into the curtain and can't see a single thing as she keeps running and waiting for the curtain to eventually slide off her head . . . as she runs right off the edge of the stage and splats on the floor below! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Okay, that last was MY reaction. I tried to reach her in time, but nope. I DID make record time crossing the stage and jumping down, though. In a dress. The floor was carpeted, kind of, at least it wasn't hard tile she fell on. And the dads who witnessed her spectacular fall said that she landed spread-eagle all-together, so at least she didn't just fall on her head. But oh, her poor little face was red for the longest time. And I don't think she stopped crying for at least 20 minutes. Poor thing. She's all right now and I can laugh at the video this would have made. But then all I could do was try not to burst out crying as I sat holding my baby and shaking like crazy. =) And I thought I felt bad when 2-month-old Marina fell off the changing table. Thank Heaven for babies made of rubber!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Twas the Monday Before Christmas . . .

Ahhh, my house is picked up at least, and I didn't have to do the dishes tonight. May not have been the most popular step-mom when I reminded the dishes-doer that it really does help to have it done at night rather than in the morning when the mice have had a chance at everything. Don't really know if we have mice, but we used to and I sure don't want to encourage any stray who may happen by, lol!

So now I'm sitting up enjoying the time with my clean house. Of course, that means I'm alone (somehow add even one person here and chaos reigns supreme), but you know? I'll take it for now.

Tonight we took a batch of goodies to our Visiting and Home Teaching families. And one doorbell ditch. We HAVE to have at least one running session! Then we came home, pigged out on goodies still here, and watched Christmas Vacation. You know, it's funny overall, but wow! Watch it on ClearVue or something cause the swearing blew me away. Yikes. Yes, I was one of those parents who actually pointed out to the kids I'd better not EVER hear them use those words. But hey! I got outvoted. No one wanted to watch Miracle on 34th Street or White Christmas. =)

Tomorrow I get to help with Simeon's class Christmas party. More to keep order than anything else, I think. Then Wednesday, I'm in charge of Jessie's Christmas party. Here's hoping all the parents show up who said they would since we're doing stations! I think we're okay, but I really don't want to end up with free time on our hands and rowdy kids who can't wait to go home! Guess if we have to we could always go outside and have a snowball fight, lol! As long as this rain doesn't melt all the snow. Maybe if I bring extra cookies that will get us through any emergency.

Well, I'm off to read The Adventurers. And if Karna ever read my blog, she'd laugh at that. But I really do need something mindless right now, something I can practically recite from heart. Or at least something in which I know every plot twist and my mind can go on autopilot. Of course, I DID just finish The Apprentice (which fits the afore-mentioned category), but that's all right, too.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And the madness begins!

So I can't find my camera. Well, guess this post will be without pics.

This last weekend was Steve's family's annual Christmas party. We went down to their place to have it, but all the families were spread out between Steve's parents' house and his brother's house. And the cousins had sleepovers! The girls all got to sleep in a trailer (heated) and the boys all bunked out in Grandpa's shop (heated). Needless to say, the kids had a blast! And parents got a bit of a break in the evening, lol. We went down on Friday, came back after church Sunday, and had a huge party day on Saturday. We had the actual party at the church (which ironically is in-between the two houses we stayed at), and it's a good thing. Lots of room for the kids (and adults!) to run around, play bingo, shoot off bottles on a rocket launcher, shoot darts (with a pressurized gun) at a styrofoam snowman, shoot hoops, and play other fun, fast-paced games. We had a wonderfully tasty dinner and such, which I definitely appreciated even if it was only a week after Thanksgiving (grin!), followed by a gift exchange. All in all, a fun, family-filled day. And couple evenings. We love the family get-togethers so much, especially the kids hanging with the cousins.

And now the Christmas season has officially begun. Yay! Chains links are being ripped off each day, goodies cooked anew nearly every day, doorbell ditching with goodies twice a week, decorations up (that was last week), presents arriving (I love online shopping!), kids playing in our snow, etc., etc. And even though we're incredibly busy and stuff doesn't always work out (do you know how many of the kids' graham cracker houses I had to put back together after they fell apart last night?), I love this Christmasy time of year!! Sometimes I just have to remind myself I'm having fun. But I wouldn't give up a single tradition for anything. I just need to make the toffee today along with the divinity to catch up, lol!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Link between posts

Oi, it's been a while, but what can I say? I love the holidays so much I don't spend so much time on the computer. So sorry to all those who are suffering from withdrawal from Serene pictures or new tidbits on the whole household of Eight is Enough. =) When we get back from this weekend's activities, I promise I'll at least add photos. I still can't believe how everyone changes so much so quickly. Or that our van's damage wasn't enough to total it (that's actually a bummer, lol!). Later!