Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby's learning!

So I was almost finished unloading our dishwasher the other day when I realized I had company: Serene had decided she wanted the basket I was emptying of utensils, and apparently I wasn't working fast enough. Yes, the munchkin climbed up on the dishwasher to grab her preferred kitchen toy (with a spoon for good measure) and then calmly walked away again (okay, so she staggered as she toddled, but that IS her calm walk these days).

The Great Divide

. . . of teeth. Little Simbug hadn't lost a tooth until a couple weeks ago and now -- whammo! We have gappage! Luckily, the toothfairy showed up each time and left compensation, although you gotta admit -- being able to stick your tongue out of your mouth while gritting your teeth is kind of compensation in itself!

Sunday nails

So we're doing a few catch-up posts here.

Just had to share the reason why the menfolk in this household no longer allow themselves to fall asleep on a couch during our Sunday "quiet time." Crisha's the artist . . . and you should have seen when she managed to do all ten of her dad's toenails lime green!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Is there a point here?

So why DO I blog? I could be writing in my journal. I could be scrapbooking or cross-stitching. I could be practicing my flute or ukulele or guitar or even Italian or French. I could be playing with my kids or cleaning my house or getting up my nerve to try and meet people around here. So why do I blog? Is it in the random chance someone actually reads this? Or cares about anything here? I care about what I write, but I could just as well sit here and talk to myself while I look at favorite pictures or find new backgrounds I like. Maybe it is time to get up and go. And quit talking.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Love my camera!

So I have to say I love experimenting with my new camera. Well, new since Christmas. I'm still working on holding it still for close-ups, but even still! Look at the detail in these pics! Here we have the top of Jessie's jade plant, Jada;
a leaf from a cutting of Marina's purple passion plant, Monster Paws. And that last one is simply a leaf on our coffee table but I love how the texture adds to the background. =)

Just Because

I had to put a pic of Marina here because it seems she gets shafted in the blog department. Not because she doesn't do things, but because her things are quieter than Crisha or Jessie's in-your-face antics. =) Which also made me realize I need to catch the quieter people in my household on camera more often as well since this was one of the few pics of Marina this year, at least by herself. Hmmm.

Quarter Basketball

So one night Adria wanted to play Quarter Basketball, but she needed a teammate. Jessica volunteered.Here's how you play: you roll a quarter from your forehead down your nose and let it fly onto a paper where a circle was traced with a pencil around the quarter before. Each time you miss the circle, a new circle is traced around the quarter with a pencil and the player then tries for the new circle. Why all the circles, you ask?Ta da! The funny part is poor Jessie had no idea (even when posing for this picture) what was happening to her. It took a little bit to convince her that we were NOT making fun of her, just having a fun time all together. She was a good sport!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Miss Ya!

So it's been almost four weeks since I've seen three of our kids, and Crisha only on weekends. Miss y'all!

Western Lights Tournament

Jessie's having her first soccer tourna- ment with her new soccer team, Manic ATAC. The event is in Tooele, which is the worst I can say about it, that with the fact it took place over Thursday, Saturday, and Monday. What gives?

Jessie's been having fun, especially her second game where she played goalie; and her team has won their first two games, guaranteeing them a spot in the finals. (There are only four teams in her age group.) They've got a good little team and we're all excited for the girls.

What you get with a deep sleeper

So the pictures pretty much tell their own story here. I just have to say I was NOT at fault -- it was Crisha's doing! (She also painted one of her Dad's nails silver later.) The funniest part was the fact that not only did Jenero sleep right through it all, he was up for a while and never noticed! I don't know how long it would have been until that happened, but I finally brought my camera to him and asked if he wanted to see Crisha's "artwork." He looked at the first picture of his foot and then looked down at the real thing. Poor guy! Can't even take an honest nap apparantly!