Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey Time

So I love pictures, but I never seem to get everyone in! Ah well! This is all from Thanksgiving, with at least all six of the children that were there represented. =) The cousins had great fun together as one might expect, but hey! What else is going to happen when you get four little blondies together? Of course, the toddler only wanted to be with his daddy, and the baby was adored and hugged and held by everyone except his parents, but it's all good! Unfortunately the last of the visitors leave tomorrow, so baby will finally get much more parent time. Too bad, in a way. Why are babies such fun to cuddle? And why on earth do we all sound like idiots when we talk to them?? Even my girls were telling me how much they loved the baby and that they wanted one. Ahem! Yeah, let me tell you girls, it ain't happenin' any time soon! You'll just have to borrow cousins. =)


Michelle said...

I'm glad Aeryn isn't the only one begging for siblings when babies are around. I'd love to indulge that, but yeah, we probably ought to wait a bit :)

That was a fun day. I could hug little Adam all day long... oh wait... I kind of did! Cute pics, thanks for sharing!

Christine said...

During the holidays I always wish I could be everywhere at once. I am glad to see everyone had a good time. Thanks for sharing the pics.