Monday, December 17, 2007

Girls Night, Baby!

So here we are at FHE this week. Yes, we do total crazy things when it's just us girls, no grandparents in sight. Like making gingerbread boys (sigh -- they're already boy crazy!), playing hide the candy (then eat it when you find it!), and of course, paint the nails . . . twenty per girl. The girls both said they felt prettier with their nails painted. Yes! I've done a good job on them! Oh wait, I don't wear nail polish! And all of this by candlelight (though only the first picture was taken by candlelight, lol). I think Marina counted and said we had 28 candles lit. And those are just mine, not even borrowing their grandma's or my scented ones, come to think of it. Yes, I love candles and candle holders! We ended the evening with a sing-along DVD and scriptures for a bedtime story. Ah, that every night could be like this. Way fun!!!!

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