Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love the Bear!

So last week we went and bought a van. We're talking a 15-passenger, huge, enormous van . . . kinda like the one I learned to drive on, lol! And what better way to celebrate our new acquisition then by going somewhere with the whole family in one vehicle? =) Yup, you guessed it -- we packed up and headed up to Bear Lake. (Did I mention we also have a built-in video system? The kids loved "Sgt. Bilko" with Steve Martin.) Everyone had fun, and even I got in the water for half an hour or so. (Other people said it wasn't freezing, but I beg to differ!) So we all played around, got so that we were absolutely frigid on an over-90-degree day, then went and got shakes! Don't ask me, it made sense at the time! It sure was nice being able to go somewhere with everyone and not having to drive separate cars! We just won't think about the hit the bank account took, lol! Thank Heaven for savings, right?


lotto 649 numbers said...

Well done for this wonderful blog.

Michelle said...

SOOOOOO fun!! A touch jealous over here :) And really, you're SUPPOSED to freeze and then get ice cream... it's the only logical path.

Christine said...

We went to Bear Lake last weekend too! Just one hint, if you stay on the beach for three hours straight the frigid water becomes much more appealing and you beg for a raspberry shake after. You may also sunburn your feet.

I am so glad you are having a blast and enjoying your summer.