Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obligatory ( Yet Still Fun!) Gingerbread House

Okay, so even though it's necessary to do a gingerbread house each year, it's still fun, right? Even with all the goodies we've been making and such. =) I learned last year that I love the gingerbread house kit for how easy it is to have the pieces already made (and not crumbling), but I hate how little icing and candy come with the kit. So we added icing so we could just cover the sides and a LOT more candy than came with the kit, and viola! Each kid got to decorate a section just as they pleased (hence the hodge podge look), and what did we end up with? A house covered in candy that will be great to eat when we finally break it apart. Of course, the little kids want to eat it now, but they will just have to learn you just have to look at it for a while before you can touch. Kind of like being engaged, my husband says, lol!

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Valerie and Adam said...

Oh so fun! We didn't do one this year (we hardly did anything this year!). I think once you start having kids you get to do more of the fun traditions.