Monday, March 30, 2009

I am soooooo trying NOT to be excited

So, we put an offer down on a house in Richmond. AHHHHHH! It's the first house Steve and I both like, so hey! We're supposed to hear back on our offer today, so . . . I'm at the stage of I really like the house, but I'm trying not to be excited so I won't be too disappointed if we either have to negotiate a while or else not get it at all. If our offer is accepted, though, you know I'll have fun rambling all about it later, lol! The older kids would all still go to the same schools, though. (Good and bad there.) Only the younger would change, and I think if things go as hoped, I'll just leave them where they are and drive them to school for the last month. A pain, but probably better than moving them for only a month of school when it's only a five-minute drive from where we live now.

So anyway, wish us luck!

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Christine said...

Good luck! I can't wait to hear how it turns out and to see pictures if all goes as planned.