Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Plea for help

So if anyone's been to Orlando, Steve and I would love advice on what to do while toting a baby along. Even researching on the internet, it's a bit unclear which places are more rides and which would have sufficient non-roller-coaster-type things to make worth it. Bummer for Steve, I feel guilty for limiting his choices, but I just can't see myself leaving a newborn for about a week just two weeks after she's born! Also, advice on traveling around (i.e. busses, etc.) would be great. We're excited for the trip (even though my mental calculator is trying to drive me crazy with expenses), and today Steve should come home with exact info on our flights out and back, our hotel, his competition times, etc. We're heading out on a Thursday (Sept. 10), but then we get to hang around until he takes a written test on Friday. And then we're free again till Saturday (which will be all taken up) and Sunday (it's Sunday -- nuff said). We're taking Monday as a just do-whatever-while-we're-in-Orlando-for-probably-the-only-time-in-our-lives day, and then Tuesday morning we head home.

But right now, I'm thinking Sea World, Disney's Animal Kingdom, maybe Aquatica, and the obligatory beaches (which could be included in the other options here) as possibles. Opinions? If not, hey! Wish us luck (not to mention Steve luck in his driving competition), and we'll let you know how we come off, lol!


Heidi & Derek said...

I know Sea World would work out just fine with a baby. Almost everything is walking through or sitting, and a stroller could easily be accommodated. :)

Ty, Steph, & Bristol said...

Animal Kingdom is AWESOME! Perfect for just strolling, but entertaining for the kiddies!