Saturday, November 14, 2009

Party, party!

So today was full of fun! Since it was the most doable time for parties for both our November birthday girls, that's what we did! Marina had a snake-themed party complete with all kinds of snake games from snake freeze tag to stick the tongue on the snake (created by Marina herself, but can you tell Jessie got closest? Body language tells all). And her party ended with lunch and cake in the shape of a snake . . . and somehow she also got a giant plush pink snake from us! Wow. So even though we remain firm on the no real snake policy (imagine if we got each of our kids a pet -- we'd be in a zoo!), she still gets some of what she loves. Go slithery, winding, hissing critters!

So after all that fun, who wouldn't want another party that night? Well, Xeneea organized this one, and it seemed like they had fun with minimal fuss. Just birthday cake and singing, then off to ice skating at the rink. And I will admit it was probably a lot more fun in an indoor rink than I remember having at an outdoor one . . . especially since it's been snowing most of the day today (and the last several days on and off). (And oh by the way, Xeneea's cake originally was several chocolate cupcakes, but for some reason they burnt on the bottoms . . . but she said she was fine with the little cake made with leftover batter in a cake pan. Just FYI, lol!)

So hey! Happy 9th and 14th, even if we are a trifle early! =)

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