Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Who'd have thought I'd learn to like Hannah Montana? Not me! And yet I now have little (and sometimes not so little) girls asking to watch Hannah Montana episodes on Netflx . . . and I agree. As much as I don't like what Miley Cyrus had done to herself as she's grown up (the whole Disney girl who was so cute and innocent turned as sleezy as she can get scenerio), I'll admit the show was kinda cute and funny and clean. What a rarity these days! I don't know how many times I'll be watching a show or a movie with the kids and feel like I have to interject a comment like, "You know what they did was just totally wrong, don't you?" So I'll take Hannah Montana reruns or Magic Schoolbus or even X-Files. (No, the little ones don't watch those.) Although Jessie's favorite tonight as we made strawberry jam was Weird Al, Michael Jackson, and Miley Cyrus music videos from YouTube. What on earth did we do without the Internet? And to think it really hasn't been around that long for public use. Huh.

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