Monday, September 27, 2010

Renewal time

So I'm sitting here on the phone with yet another rep from some insurance agency. I used to do this call-around-compare-quotes thing every six months, but the last few years it's dwindled down to a spot check with one random company every year just to make sure our current company was still the best deal. However, today I am yet again making the rounds to try and lower our rates. Amazing what I do sometimes to try and save a buck. Ok, so I decided not to switch unless they could save me at least $50 every 6 months. Even still, so far, the best quote I've gotten aside from my current policy is $50 MORE every 6 months. Huh. All these companies who swear they can beat Progressive. Hasn't happened yet in the four years I've been with them. And you know for car insurance that's a long time to be with someone. But what I really want to know is how do the companies who charge $700 or more OVER my current 6-month policy stay in business? Is it simply name recognition? A family tradition? Or just that people started there and never bothered to shop around? I will say this, though. I never appreciated what my parents went through money-wise when we kids started driving. =)

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Kimber said...

Okay, I admit, for us it's because we don't bother to shop around. I probably should. Shoulda woulda coulda. :)
Thanks for the encouragement though.