Monday, December 20, 2010

Twas the Monday Before Christmas . . .

Ahhh, my house is picked up at least, and I didn't have to do the dishes tonight. May not have been the most popular step-mom when I reminded the dishes-doer that it really does help to have it done at night rather than in the morning when the mice have had a chance at everything. Don't really know if we have mice, but we used to and I sure don't want to encourage any stray who may happen by, lol!

So now I'm sitting up enjoying the time with my clean house. Of course, that means I'm alone (somehow add even one person here and chaos reigns supreme), but you know? I'll take it for now.

Tonight we took a batch of goodies to our Visiting and Home Teaching families. And one doorbell ditch. We HAVE to have at least one running session! Then we came home, pigged out on goodies still here, and watched Christmas Vacation. You know, it's funny overall, but wow! Watch it on ClearVue or something cause the swearing blew me away. Yikes. Yes, I was one of those parents who actually pointed out to the kids I'd better not EVER hear them use those words. But hey! I got outvoted. No one wanted to watch Miracle on 34th Street or White Christmas. =)

Tomorrow I get to help with Simeon's class Christmas party. More to keep order than anything else, I think. Then Wednesday, I'm in charge of Jessie's Christmas party. Here's hoping all the parents show up who said they would since we're doing stations! I think we're okay, but I really don't want to end up with free time on our hands and rowdy kids who can't wait to go home! Guess if we have to we could always go outside and have a snowball fight, lol! As long as this rain doesn't melt all the snow. Maybe if I bring extra cookies that will get us through any emergency.

Well, I'm off to read The Adventurers. And if Karna ever read my blog, she'd laugh at that. But I really do need something mindless right now, something I can practically recite from heart. Or at least something in which I know every plot twist and my mind can go on autopilot. Of course, I DID just finish The Apprentice (which fits the afore-mentioned category), but that's all right, too.

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