Saturday, January 8, 2011



Well, even though we had no new snow for Christmas (and a whole lot of melting before), I am glad we have the canyon so near . . . with it's famously record low temperatures and therefore lots of snow! These pictures were taken at "The Sinks" up Logan Canyon, almost all the way to Bear Lake. And yes, the hill is even steeper than it looks. And that's just the lower section where we were. Jenero and his friend liked to start much higher up. Do you know how long it takes to climb that high in snow that lets you sink up to your knees at times? We were glad we came as early as we did as by noon the parking area was packed and snowmobilers were crowding the slopes. The ones that weren't setting up firepits and cooking lunch, that is. Those sinks are a popular place!

And btw, yes, our little "Tube Train" DID work. I found that if I shut my eyes as we go down, I tend not to panic as much and can actually stay on the tube all the way to the bottom . . . and hold the other kids on at the same time. =)

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Valerie and Adam said...

I miss the snow! And the sinks. Except for the darn snowmobiles getting in everyone's way.