Saturday, June 4, 2011

Number One Again!

So it comes as no surprise but with great delight that Steve has once again won the five-axle division at his company's anual "roadeo." The scoring is based on a compilation of three scores: a written test, a pre-trip inspection of a truck for safety and rule compliance, and then the actual driving course. Many of the written scores were in the same ballpark, so that didn't do much to tell us where Steve stood at first, but he did get an early lead in the driving. Of course, then another guy ousted him out of first by 30 points (a big margin), so we were down to looking at the pretrip to truly decide who took first place. Now I KNOW what kind of man my husband is and that it's easy for him to win this sort of thing . . . but I also know that if I act like that, good ol' Murphy will step in with his law and make Steve lose. So I ACTED as though I either don't care if Steve won or as if I ddn't think he really had a shot . . . thus making it possible for my husband to actually have a chance. Clear? As mud, right? Well, it makes sense to me! And Steve IS going to the Utah State Truck Driving Championship next week (after a week in Moab with Varsity Scouts) and he IS going to the National Food Industry Truck Driving Championship in September. So my somewhat muddled reasoning must have worked somehow, right? =) Besides, it also worked that year in Florida when he won there, too, lol!

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