Monday, August 1, 2011

Officially . . .

Steve is officially freed from the addiction of Fablehaven! Yay! We both enjoyed the series although we were a little taken aback by the rather abrupt ending. Huh. Ah well, otherwise, a highly enjoyable series. After all, it's not every day some author can not only con my husband into reading, but into reading five books straight (and trying to hide the book he's on so his wife can't find it and read past him. Dismal failure, that last part, btw!).

And in totally unrelated news, I now know that I officially have too low blood pressure to donate plasma. Bummer. Was kinda looking forward to getting some extra cash each week. Though to be honest, it's kind of a relief knowing I physically CAN'T. Those needles HURT!! And I give blood as much as I can! But not only were these monster needles (I knew they would be, of course), but the gals kept pushing them in farther or pulling them out, wiggling them around trying to get my blood flowing faster somehow. In BOTH arms! OOOOWWWWWWW! Honestly, if I never see another blood needle ever again, it will be too soon. This may have even ruined me for blood donation, but don't tell Steve that! =)

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Micha said...

I clearly have not shared my plasma donation story with you. Lets just say it involved passing out and having a black/purple arm from shoulder to wrist for greater than a month. Not fun.