Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rambling ramble

I have been so bad at keeping up here. Ah well. I have a ton of excuses but I'll limit myself to saying that I wanted to wait to post until I could add pictures (Christmas or whatever) but I couldn't find the camera anywhere! But now that the camera was found last week in the linen closet (isn't that where you keep cameras?) I only have the excuse that most of us have been stranded by a porcelain pedestal one time or other last week and I was in no mood to blog when I had a spare moment. =) And now I'm typing this after a drive to Provo and back on a Sunday night and I don't want to disturb my husband as I try to find the camera in my nightstand. So I guess if I'm going to type I'd better just type and forget pics or nothing's ever going to happen here.

Surprisingly, life goes on. Oh wait, that's normal. Kids go to school, Steve goes to work, and I get to stay home and either ignore the mess or clean up kids' chores so they can wave at them later and call them done. Of course, I also get to watch my littlest daughter which can be entertainment all by itself . . . or extremely taxing. She's two -- nuff said. Not much changes overall except what sport the kids are doing for youth sports (basketball just ended) or what injuries and sicknesses currently plague SOMEONE in the household. =) So in THAT department, Jenero just got over a sprained ankle (from basketball), Serene is getting over some sort of gaseous tummy trouble, and several others of us are rejoicing in being free from perpetual nausea and the need to constantly tote a bucket around the house. Like I said, just a typical time around here.

Atypical -- Steve AND Jenero are getting glasses. I know, GASP!! But it's time. We tried a bunch on in the store where they got their eyes examined, found their favorites (that fit their heads) . . . and then we almost passed out at the sticker price after insurance! So I took the frame measurements and pictures of the styles the men liked and visited Ah, Zenni. Where a $90 anti-glare treatment is $5. Where $60 polycarbonate is $10. Where scratch-guard is free and matching clip-on sunglasses are $3. And designer, titanium frames are $40 (though frames go as cheap as about $7). And yes, they had the lens, bridge, and temple measurements so we can be reasonably sure the frames will fit when they come. Let me tell you, it was SOOOOO much nicer getting two full-feature sets of glasses for about $90 (that's not giving them a limit on their frames even) than $500 that Standard Optical wanted -- after insurance!! And oh by the way, our insurance will reimburse most of Zenni's costs, too! Certainly all the frames' costs and about 20% of the rest. So if you're reading this and you wear glasses, I must insist that sometime you give the magic of Zenni a try! (And yes, Marina got her glasses there, as well as me my glasses AND designer sunglasses (tint: $5).)

Guess that's all! I'm finally feeling the effects of my 5-hour drive so I'll cut this short. Happy February, all!!

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