Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Libraries, bookstores, and other sources of bliss

I've rediscovered the joys of libraries. I don't think I've been this dependent on a library since about 4th grade. I've had sisters' libraries, my parents' library, my OWN library, friends' libraries . . . not to mention wonderful selections of books sent to me by my sister from which I got to choose from for so long that I guess I haven't needed a library for pleasure reading. (Obviously the years I LIVED in the library at BYU don't count -- that was for my history degree!) But lately I've been shelving books at the library at my kids' charter school once a week, and I can't help but notice books as I'm putting them (or others) away. Let's just say that I have now read every single Rick Riordan book published (and am looking forward to his next this year!!), every Shannon Hale book except her graphic novels (not AS big a fan, but still fun ideas), all the fairy tale Gail Carson Levine books (not gotten into the more real-life fiction there yet, but give me time), and am currently debating on The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull. That's what's sucked me in in the school library.

My CITY library now has introduced me to the fact that Kristen Britain has written two more books to her Green Rider series, but they only had number three! (Of course I then couldn't rest till I found out her fourth book was released in paperback just this February . . . guess what's in the mail right now! Okay, so it's three AND four, but I had to have the set, right?) I also am currently set to read four more of the "Death of" books by M. M. Kaye since I love most of her books and have liked Death in Zanzibar for a while now. Still debating on reading the Hunger Games, mostly because I remember Valerie being disappointed at the ending of Mockingjay, but also because I just have no desire to read them right now. Weird. =) These may not be heavy or informative reading, but they keep my mind sharp in a way . . . and definitely help keep my reading skills above average. Even Jessie now is trying to speed read (slow version) and has gotten so she can read 120 pages in an hour with some books. Time yourself sometime. That's GOOD, especially for an almost-ten-year-old. =)

All this commentary probably says much more than I wish about my life outside of home, but oh well! What would I do with a ton of friends anyway? I mean BESIDES go hang and have fun just being me once in a while? And the bright side is that if we ever need to move, shouldn't be that hard, right? Later! Got to go figure out what caused the Death in Cyprus.


Alli said...

pssst...I miss you! Can't wait for your next venture down this way and I know it is way past time for me to come up that way :) Love you no matter the distance.

Anachan said...

I have 2 of the "Death in" books, I think.

I listened to "The Hunger Games" on the Audible version, which Kim had picked up for a trip, and while the concept was intriguing and the execution was good, it was horribly disturbing and depressing. I read reviews on the next two and decided I am not the target audience, as I have enough stress in my life already to desire inviting more into it.

I have no library I can access, aside from a lending library consisting of two bookshelves in the store. So I'm limited to what I have, what I can find on-line for free (Project Gutenberg), what I can find on Kindle for free (yea, I'm cheap), and what I end up buying. Somehow, it still manages to keep me in reading material.

Heidi Smith said...

Are you on goodreads.com? I'd love to add you as a friend if you are. http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/3904688-heidi-smith