Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Family Barbie

So we just got a new treadmill. We love the workout options it gives us (to add to our elliptical trainer, two different style exercise bikes, weight machine, set of dumbbells, heavy punching bag, speed bag, and ab rack -- can you say HOME GYM .... or as Steve calls it, JAMES), but the kids found the box it came in much more fascinating.  One of the favorite uses was, "Look, I'm in a Barbie box!"  So guess what we did for family night last night?  Yes, we all created our versions of Barbie (or Ken).

So here we are.  PRESENTING . . .

  Cinderella Kelly (little sister of Barbie)

   Snowboarding Kennie (never did hear if Ken had a little brother!)

    Hannah Montana Skipper (another little sister of Barbie)

     Kindle Skipper

Cat-loving Bruno Mars Barbie/Ken?? (ask Adria!)


    Sleepover Barbie

    Skater Ken

Crazy Teenager Barbie

Convict Ken . . . with mugshot!!

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