Monday, February 11, 2008

Still kickin'

Okay, I am so bad at keeping up with things this semester. Funny how life gets usurped by the homework load. Honest, I've actually started a few entries then decided I really had nothing to say after all, lol!

This winter has been quite the experience for us up here. We've never had below zero temps for more than a couple days before, but we've gotten good at enjoying the winter . . . especially since it's brought so much snow with it this year! This last weekend, that's about all we did on Saturday -- go sledding down Old Main hill. SO much fun! Especially since we went with some friends and the girls got to talk to someone other than their mother! Not that I mind talking to the munchins, it's just sometimes they love being with someone older than themselves yet still in the "kid" range. Of course, when we went down the hill on a great big tube borrowed from our friends, the girls kept trying to bounce off the thing the whole way down the hill (not on purpose!), and I had to keep hauling them up by their coats so their faces wouldn't scrape along in the snow! Ah bliss! And what do I get for my pains? A boot in the face and a fat lip. It still hurts to smile! =) Well, okay, that was easy. Maybe I should just carry along a computer to do my smiling for me, lol.

Speaking of sledding, last week I got to go tubing for the first time this winter up at the sinks. Talk about a long climb up, but man, it sure was fun going down! And down. And all this after already snowshoeing for a couple hours. So heading up to Garden City afterwards for dinner was a nice change of pace, let me tell you. I love having someone from around here who can show me around! Especially since then I can share things with my girls and they think their mom is the best! =)

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