Monday, February 25, 2008

The Call of the Scissors

Jessica decided the other night to get to the tangles in her hair before her mom could attack them with the brush. Marina came out of the bathroom and told everyone, "Jessica's cutting the tangles out of her hair." WHAT?? Yes, she cut one side of her hair up to about mid-ear length. So I got to even it out so she could go to school the next day, but then we took her to get it professionally fixed. Way cute, but not planned! At church yesterday, everyone kept coming up to me and saying, "Your daughter's hair is SO cute! . . . Did she start it herself?" Uh, yeah. =)

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Christine said...

Her hair is so cute! Julie and I had a few incidents like that when we were children too. The smurf doll, however, did not turn out cute. No one told me doll's hair does not grow back like ours until AFTER I had cut it.