Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just waiting

So what do you when you have nothing to do and you're stuck in a place? I'm sitting here in the computer lab during my "office hours" with nothing pressing. I can't grade any assignments since I don't have the rubric, I've finished "Return to Me," and I've finished making changes to my poster pages that I'll print out at home (and then mount on cool paper!). I COULD read through my readings for this one class, but it's better to do that just before the test, which is a week and a half away. =) And oh, did I mention I even studied already for another exam today (also a week and a half away)? Not to mention I was also extremely silly earlier in wrapping and delivering a present for an important birthday? Well, ok, in all fairness, I wrapped it yesterday. I only delivered it today after teaching my favorite group of 8th graders.

So, can you say random? Guess it's a good day for that. It's fun to sometimes sit and enjoy even the seemingly empty moments. My mind actually feels strangely clear. Not blank, just clear. Kind of like your body feels after being sick and reaching convalescence. Weird analogy, sure, but it's honestly how it feels. Kind of like meditating while doing something else. Can you DO that? It feels like I've actually stepped outside myself and am just looking on, enjoying the good things in life. Kind of like Viktor Frankl talked about in his Holocaust experiences. I understood the concept of separating mind and body when I read about it before, but this is the first time I've really experienced it. And without even trying! Kind of a fun experience . . . now if I can just do this on purpose, I'll have a new way to deal with stress, lol! Wish me luck!

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