Thursday, April 3, 2008

Scaring yourself back into life

Ok, I really should be working on homework, but I feel like chatting first. We had a bit of a scare today in class since one of my classmates had to be taken out by the paramedics. Lovely girl, really scary when she had problems. It's always ironic how it takes something like that (especially with my sister's illness on top of it) to shock the rest of us back into living and especially enjoying life. Because life IS good. Even if it's hard and you don't always know how to deal with money issues or family issues or whatever, it's always worth savoring what you can, you know?

I also have to laugh because while a bunch of us in the SPED department were sitting here not doing real work, we've had a blast swapping blog sites and convincing others to start their own. SO much fun. Just wait for the summer and see me really take off. Oh wait, the kids. Well, maybe we'll be nerds and have fun fixing up blogs and such together. Or just going out doing things that we can later post to our blog, lol! Baby Animal Days is next weekend gang! So everyone with kids who'll be out this way, Mom has coupons. =) Fun is good, but cheap is better!

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