Saturday, May 3, 2008

The FINAL Final

It's official. I have taken my LAST final exam ever! (Unless, of course, I get some freaky disease and decide to go back to school yet again sometime . . .) So far the grades look good, but as for the ones that aren't in, I at least know I passed. How nice to know that all that is behind me! Now for student teaching in the fall.

The worst part about not taking anymore SPED classes is that now I don't have my built-in support group (some of which are in the pic here) at least twice a week! I love everyone in the program so much that I honestly don't know how it's going to be without seeing them on a regular basis! At least we have contact info, and maybe we can get something set up at least every couple months or so in person, to say nothing of e-mail. =) Who'd thought classmates could become such a part of one's life? History majors were never like this! And we were together for two years. This has only really been two semesters, but it feels like so much more with all we've been through together. Wow. Am I really ready for "real" life? Do you ever get that feeling?

Of course, part of real life is being with my girls this summer. Yay! So our goals there are to go hiking and camping as much as we can, teach at least Marina (and possibly Jessica) to ride a bike sans training wheels -- and (of course) for me, get married, lol! And the sun is finally shining! Gotta wonder about a place where there's a hefty snowstorm on May 1st! Happy May Day! =)

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