Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twilight and such

I've discovered I love E-Bay. I got the entire set of Twilight books (including the unfinished Midnight Sun) as well as The Host for $3.99. Total. Granted, they're e-books, but still, the cheapest tangible set of books was at least $35, and yes, I'm cheap. I discovered it's very easy to read a book on my laptop and page down instead of turning pages. (And I'm sure it's even easier with a hand-held reader!) Not to mention it has a built-in nightlight for when I want to read when Steve's already asleep (since he does get up at 3 a.m.). So I finally finished Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun and now I need to go back and read them again. Okay, so it took me a day a book once I finally got them, but it still feels like it took forever because of the wait (I had been waiting for the last books to come out in paperback). I'm still not sure about those last couple books, but then I've only read them once. Harry Potter #5 took me a couple of read-throughs to appreciate it. =)

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Micha said...

I have yet to read even one line written by Stephanie Meyer. Truly, they just don't appeal to me. Though a good guy friend of mine read them all to understand what his sisters and mom were always jabbering on about and said they were tolerable. From a guy I take that as high praise.