Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Truck Roadeo

Yes, I meant to spell it that way! I have now learned of the existence of something I never imagined before I married Steve. The last two weeks, Steve's been involved in a couple of truck "road"eo's, one at Nicholas & Co.'s headquarters just for his company and one at the Utah State Fairgrounds for a state competition. Steve drove five-axle trucks for both, though the one for the state competition had a lot longer trailer than he drives. He took first at his company competition (yay!) and we only know he didn't place 1, 2, or 3 at the state one. Surprisingly enough, Steve was kicking himself for his driving the first week (when he won 1st) and he drove a lot better last weekend with a long truck (when he didn't place). Go figure! Actually, it probably was because there also was a written test, and Steve's company never got him the book he needed to study especially for the hazardous materials and fire safety parts. No complaints, though, because I just loved watching him manoeuver that borrowed truck better than most of the drivers who have 2+ million miles under their belts (vs. Steve's 100,000 or so). There were two stations that were particularly tricky and most drivers got 0 out of 50 points on them. One was where the truck needed to be backed a certain distance distance into a makeshift dock and one was where the truck needed to stop a certain distance from a simulated railroad crossing. There were also points for centering and such, so most people just drove away with nothing. But Steve got 35 at each! I can hardly wait to see him drive in Florida, where he gets to drive in another competition, this one just for food service drivers. Assuming baby comes on time, that is, since the competition is Sept. 10. Ugh. First Moab's off, now this? NO! I'll find a way for a paid trip to Florida! (Knock on wood!)

So for the first week of truck fun, we had Steve's kids with us and the second we had Marina and Jessica. I can't seem to get my pics off my phone yet for that first roadeo, but here are a few from the second. It was cold and rainy for much of the day, but the girls managed to have fun anyway of course!
And here's Steve's mug shot with his number,

the start of his run,

his back up to the dock,
and his railroad stop.

I was kinda frustrated with myself because
I could have sworn I took a video of his back-up and how easy and short he made it, but it didn't turn out. Rats! Aw well, I still got to brag that that was my man!

And just because the girls were so proud of all the pictures they took, here's me at the start of my 3rd trimester, and the back of our Civic (we like the joke). Guess we need to get a new sticker for baby soon!

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