Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One Month

Okay, so our whole life has been taken over by little miss bright eyes, but no complaints! Amazing how some things now go out the window around here, but by and large things are still running, lol. Of course, it's harder to blog while bouncing the bouncy seat with my foot . . . =)

I love how alert she is already and how wide her eyes can get. We went online yesterday to see how long it would be before we know if she'll keep her blue eyes or (as is more likely given her dad has brown eyes and her mom gray-green) if they'll change. Yup, we'll be waiting a while -- up to nine months according to one source, but I could swear that Marina's took longer to go hazel. Ah well, we'll enjoy what we have, right? (Even when they're all red from crying!)

And because I couldn't resist, here's the munchkin right after a bath with her hair all nicely dried and everything. Yes, her hair does that naturally! It normally doesn't stay curly too long, though, because everyone, myself included, seems to feel the need to pet this little girl's head, oiling down her curls in record time, lol. What is it about baby hair that begs to be touched?

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