Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ramblings of nothing in particular

Here it is, Saturday night, and I am dead tired by seven. Of course, Serene got me up around three thirty this morning several times what with being sick and having what sounded like absolutely terrifying baby dreams, and I haven't rested since. And yet I feel like I've done so little today. How is that? Why is it the days when you're busiest, it seems like you get the least done? And that's with most of the kids gone and not needing that extra attention today. Hmmm. Ah well. Funny how I can still enjoy days like this. After all, it won't be like this for long. In a couple ways. Serene will grow up and not need comforting when she's sick and scared, the other kids will be back tomorrow with all that that entails. =) So right now I'll sign off, make myself some hot cocoa or eat some Aggie Chocolate English Toffee ice cream (or do both in reverse order most likely), and enjoy letting myself crash from exhaustion. And next week may be full of busy, arguing, laughing, energetic kids, but hey! With any luck, at least the baby will be back to sleeping through the night.

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Micha said...

Have the cocoa and ice cream together! One of my friends makes his cocoa extra hot, then adds a plop of ice cream to cool it off. Perfect blend of both worlds :)