Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Arrivals

We have new additions to our family circle! Meet Brutus.Okay, here's a better shot, though it still doesn't show just how beautiful and rich his colors truly are. He's more a deep, royal blue with some golden-red highlights.
We also have a little frog to keep Brutus company (someone who can live in the same tank as our Beta and live to tell the tale), but Ollie likes to stay in his little cave we bought him. When he does come out, he's partial to the bubbles and likes to swim near them. Fun stuff! I did try to take a picture of Brutus underwater, but he's a little shy and kept showing me his tale. But my CAMERA did awesome! Once I got over being terrified of putting it in the water, lol. Hey, it's made for it! It even has four underwater settings, lol.

Anyway, we're all loving our new family. Just wanted to share. =)

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