Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sim's six!

So our Simbug is six now! Hard to believe when I met him he was only 3. Is that right? Yes, I guess it is. We had our family party last night and he made out like a bandit . . . especially when you consider we're letting him have a friend party Friday as well. =) But thanks to his dad and me, his sisters, and yet another sister, Sim now has his desired sand tractors, a magnet play set (to try and keep him a LITTLE quiet during church!), a snorkel and mask set, and a dart gun.

And since we also now have a little mover who loves the modem lights, I'd better stop trying to type one-handed and just post the pictures. (Yes, she can crawl a little, although she prefers to wiggle and pull herself along with her little buff arms, lol.) S0 here's our six-year-old jumping bundle of energy!

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