Monday, April 12, 2010

The bit of farmer in me

Yes, to start with, I know that's an old picture. But in my defense, I like that picture. Besides, Steve and I have so few pics together . . . I think the last one was at Christmastime.

I cannot believe it is only a little over a month till school is out! I was finally getting used to my schedule! Ah well, now at least the house will stay cleaner now that I'll get extra help around the house with the kids home more. And yes, that was a snicker you just heard. =)

So come May, we will have lived in our house one year. Yay!! And now that the snow is finally melting and showing MOST of my garden, it's time to till things up and plant things down. I couldn't wait for some -- I planted flower seeds in pots on my front porch where the frost won't get to them. Now I am absolutely chomping at the bit to put my garden in. Silly, really, as I hate maintaining a garden and normally get only token vegetables to show for most of it. But Steve and I have decided the farmer in my blood is definitely coming out, and not only from my impatience to plant a garden each year (despite hating to maintain it); but also since I get the biggest thrill from driving or walking by a newly tilled field. I just love smelling and seeing the dark, rich dirt all turned up and ready for planting! I love to think of how it would feel to run my fingers through the damp soil, how cool the earth would be, how satisfying it would be to plant something (anything!) and then to stand and just look at the newly packed rows of seeds ready to grow. I love the thought of moist dirt under my nails and clinging to the knees of my jeans. And when my digging in the dirt is done, I'll go mow my lawn and savor the smell of newly-cut grass and listen to my bovine neighbors across the way.

Yes, I love my country home. Even the smells of wandering skunks (though I think Jessie and I are the only ones who are in agreement here!). Now here's hoping I can actually do someting beneficial with said home, yard, and garden this spring and summer! And yes, I do think spring is actually coming -- when I was out pruning rosebushes, a very few limbs had the beginnings of buds! Yay!

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