Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just dancin.

So really, we have like nothing new to relate. We get up, Steve goes to work, I try not to go back to bed, I exercise, clean house, get kids up, ready, out the door, play with the last munchkin, clean some more (with the munchkin cleaning alongside me), practice flute or piano (some day I'll do BOTH!), bake bread or some such while L'il Sis sets up her own cook shop on the kitchen floor, plan my next cubscout den meetings, read and read and read to the littlest bookworm, look out my window at the snow still on my garden and DREAM of the time when I'll actually get to work the soil and prepare it for planting, feed the toddler, exercise some more, take a shower, welcome Steve home, talk, talk, talk, clean or cook some more, welcome kids home, help with homework, help with more homework, make or help make dinner, eat, read scriptures, remind kids to clean up, get spoiled little urchin to bed, get other young kids to bed (or at least IN bed reading), make sure older kids are in bed somewhat in the range of on time, and RELAX. Kind of. Does blogging count as relaxing? Sure it does. Oh and now's when I usually find out one of the kids started laundry that now has to either be redone (read too many clothes in the washer to actually get clean) or dried. And then I need to clean some more. Seriously, I have no idea how Serene can so seriously mess up a room so quickly. And when that's finally done . . . again . . . then what? Well, then I just wish I could enjoy the clean house for a few minutes so I'm often tempted to stay up crosstitching and listening to The Book of Mormon on mp3 until I practically fall asleep on the couch.

NO, that doesn't happen everyday. Most days I call it quits around the switching laundry part and just fall into bed about the same time as the older kids are SUPPOSED to get to theirs. =) But you get the drift.

HOWEVER, I can say that Steve and I now have one very important change. Well, it's important to us. We now have dance lessons every Thursday night. Yay! It was Steve's idea, since there are NO dances for old married folk around here. We started on the Fox Trot and some of the Cha Cha last week and we had so much fun! We also ran into Jessica's and Marina's old kindergarten teacher in our class, though thankfully not literally. I'm looking forward to going and dancing again tomorrow, especially since tomorrow's routine somehow has to fit in dental appointments for two kids. Happy happy joy joy! But you know? I'll take the two-kid appointment. Sure beats the 7 we had last time! And in then end, we get to just shake it all off. I can't wait! =)

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