Friday, March 11, 2011


So I have discovered that even snowmen get bored if they stand still too long. The solution for the frozen guys? Exercise! Here's our snowman doing his stretches the other day. And then we found out that stretching for more than a day ends in heads rolling. I wouldn't recommend it, lol! I have to admit that I absolutely loved how Steve brought my attention to our snowman's quirks: he came in saying, "Monika, your snowman is defying the laws of physics out there!" Ah, see? Not even three years into our marriage, and already he sounds like he could have grown up around my family!

And here's the smallest munchkin out for a stroll in the first of our series of big snowfalls recently. She was so frustrated when she couldn't climb up the ladder to our "pirate ship" that she'd been playing on (snow free with even grass around it) just the day before.

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