Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Turkey Vultures

So this morning my neighbor made sure to point out to me my five uninvited overnight guests I'd had -- turkey vultures in my already over-populated tree out front (home to innumerable little birds and at least two owls that we know of). I haven't seen turkey vultures (some call them turkey buzzards -- same thing) in the wild since Ft. Huachuca, when there were TONS of them living in this one tree up Grierson Avenue. Huh. Strange how these five brought back memories of my panicking as birds with HUGE wingspans dove at my head while I waited for my ride to seminary or the times when they'd attack my poor kites whenever I flew them on the parade field in front of the vultures' tree. So thank you, random fowl, for the flight down memory lane. And thank you for moving on and not scaring my poor owls away. =)

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