Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall Is In The Air

Just had to share, but this will be quick!

The girls and I had a blast with our craft project the last couple days. First, I made a full-sized scarecrow (stuffed with newspaper so it isn't messy or smelly), and the girls helped me put it in their grandparents' bathroom on the (closed!) toilet. It got Mom and I was there to see Dad start laughing when he saw it later! Yay! Then today we made a small scarecrow to go with our larger model, so now we have the mom and kid. Fun stuff what fall brings out in you! Although I must admit, the putting the scarecrow in the bathroom wasn't my idea . . . as much as I'd love to claim credit, I had help. =)

Anyway, just thought I'd send this out into the cosmos. Happy October!

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