Saturday, October 13, 2007

Honk honk, rattle rattle rattle, CRASH, beep beep

Weird week. I was on my way home from my teaching practicum in Smithfield on Friday when I had to stop for some construction. Not a particularly unusual thing, but what was different was that the car behind me didn't stop. I saw this car coming up behind me way too fast to be stopping, and as I got hit from behind and felt my car domino into the car front of me, I was thinking, "This is SO not happening!" (Did I mention this was a day I would be taking my girls down to Provo?) Turned out to be a four-car accident, but the car in front of me only had a cracked bumper and the one farthest forward just barely got kissed. I tried to pull off the road but though my engine sounded fine, the car wouldn't move. I got out and saw that my bumper was hooked on top of the car behind me . . . and when the wrecker pulled them apart (with help front a firefighter in the back car putting on the brake), my whole back bumper was ripped off except for one small section. And I probably could have ripped that part off without too much trouble! =) Unfortunately, there was some hard plastic jammed inside my exhaust pipe, so my car had to be towed. And I now have a Saturn Vue, courtesy of Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Allstate Insurance (the other driver's insurance). Poor girl was getting married the next day (today) -- hope this didn't affect that! Fortunately, no one was injured as far as I know. It could have been a lot worse. Now I just hope that my car can be fixed relatively quickly (and not written off as totaled). I like having a car that's paid off, and I REALLY don't want to have to go car shopping again. Although this Vue is really spoiling me! =)

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