Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pumpkin Walk

Yesterday we hit the North Logan Pumpkin Walk, where people have made a bunch of different scenes/people/animals, etc., out of pumpkins and other produce. It was fun, though the girls both said their favorite part was getting a cookie at the end! =) And the witch who was sitting in a chair there as well. It felt kind of like going to see Santa Claus, just wrong season. And the witch only asks the kids what they're going to be for Halloween. Phew! If they tried to start "Halloween presents" to go with Christmas presents and how they're trying to push the whole "Easter gift" thing, I think I'd scream.

But it was a fun day to be outside, too, with the fall colors, a bit of wind, and a nice gray sky. I love fall! Autumn is my favorite season, especially when it FEELS like fall!


Christine said...

You've comvinced me. I am going to the Pumpkin Walk. Those pictures were awesome. I hope I get a cookie too. I will never be too old to appreciate a good cookie.

Anonymous said...

Who is that good looking guy(i think it is the 6th picture down)?