Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yes, I let myself be caught. =)

Yes, there's a ring. It's a sapphire, champagne colored, kind of. (Really pale yellow-peachy type color.) =) My man knows I'm not big on diamonds and acted accordingly. He took me to a nice restaurant, and over the salad course, he took both my hands, looked into my eyes, and sang a song just for me whose lyrics came right from the heart. Steve delivered the biggest surprise I've ever had on Saturday night. I was asked to marry the most incredible, kind, loving, God-fearing, good-looking man I've ever known. And he thinks he's the one getting the bargain! It's times like this I'm glad he doesn't believe me when I tell him he's too good for me since it means I get to keep him. Don't know when the day is yet, but that's okay. I still need to realize this is happening. My girls are excited to be getting two step-brothers and three step-sisters in a few months, though!

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