Friday, April 17, 2009

And the winner is . . .

Verizon! Yes, after debating and pricing and pitting retailers against each other, we decided to go with Verizon for our new cell phone company. It was really kind of funny. The booth in the mall that used to be Qwest (the company that ditched us) now sells Verizon and they offered us good phones to switch to (comparable to the ones we'd had, not the bottom line) . . . but my friend said her dad could get us just as good a deal but he'd get the commission. So not feeling any loyalty to that other booth (grin!), I was cool with that . . . except then when we went to the actual Verizon booth in the mall (yes there are now two that sell the same thing in our mall that is so small it's laughable) to look at other phone choices, and there the manager offered such a killer deal to beat the other booth that we agreed that even family loyalty probably couldn't match it. And somehow, when Steve and I went back, instead of taking the killer deal we'd been offered before, we ended up with a different killer deal, lol. So we got LG Chocolate phones (Steve black, me blue) that normally are about 100 to 150 each, for 20 each . . . not to mention a 35 debit card that's coming for our switching our lines to Verizon this month. Not too shabby. Especially since our phones (which we use a lot as just mp3 players) have a 1GB capacity for songs just on the phone and can handle a 8GB card, a jack for regular headphones, a little better camera than most (though still not great), and my favorite -- a built-in fm transmitter so we can play our mp3 over our car or van radio without a plug in! We tried it out already and it's MUCH nicer than trying to juggle cd's on the Provo trip or such! So yes, we splurged, but when you realize we paid, oh, about ten bucks total in the end, it's my kind of splurge!! =) Happy birthday to us!

So calling all Verizon customers . . . make sure I know who you are, ok? I'm loving how many of my friends and family already I can call for free on both ends!

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