Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Start of Yard Sales

Can I just say how much I love the start of yard sale season? When people want to get rid of things they've had all winter but aren't just junk? We actually got up and out of bed and out the door by 7:30 last Saturday in order to hit a few that looked promising for baby furniture. =) And by the end of a couple hours and a couple trips to haul it all, we had brought home a crib (complete with mattress, mattress pad, three sheets, and a comforter set), a twin-sized daybed, a baby bouncer chair, and a deluxe bunk bed set with desk and drawers and closet built-in! (The lower bunk is actually a trundle that gets shoved away during the day.) Wow! The bunk bed set was a little more than I'd planned on spending at a yard sale, but this way I can confiscate the little girls' dresser/changing table and they'll still have a place for clothes . . . not to mention a chance to actually sleep in their own beds instead of sharing a queen (which still may take some doing -- even at Mom and Dad's, the girls would end up in one bunk or the other!). Oh, and the closet section may turn into a fort instead of a closet, but hey! I think I'll really like this new piece of furniture, especially when I looked online and saw what comparable beds retail for (think $1700 and up). =) And no, none of this had been put up yet since with any luck in about two weeks we'll have a new address. Yay!

And the house? Looks like they're actually having the electrician doing the repairs required (think major problems with code compliance in the basement and with the sump pump), though now there's a little water stuff we have to look at and decide if it's just their fault for not keeping things like the pump serviced or if we need to back out (oh please, no!!). So hey, keep us in your prayers! It still feels right, so here's hoping!

Oh, and I've got add one more thing. We had a April Birthday Family Bash yesterday for all us April birthdays in the house. I made a huge double layer chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and raspberry filling and a smaller lemon cake with lemon cream cheese icing with lemon zest in it. (Crisha's trying not to have chocolate this week.) Yum! The lemon actually turned out to be the winner, lol! We also gave Jenero his present early since he'll be at his mom's house on his actual birthday and we're having a party for him with friends on Thursday . . . at the skate park. Well, he didn't know what we were planning, but since he had to be able to tell his friends to bring their boards, we decided we'd better give him his present early. A skateboard, of course! He's wanted on so badly that he'd even made one himself out of a two-by-four and some wheels before! You should have seen his face, though, when he opened the box and pulled out an 18-inch kiddy skateboard! It was priceless! He so thought we were serious! (Actually it was one that Santa had left over after Christmas so he sent it to us seeing if the other little kids wanted to skate while Jessie practices on her dragon one. Well, that's what we told the kids -- really, when I bought Jessie's online, they shipped an extra as a special promo. Say what? So yes, it's been under my bed ever since to not take away from the special-ness of Jessica's.) So after I got a picture of one of his faces (the little ones were crowding around too much for me to get the first reaction), I pulled out the real skateboard for him, a Tony Hawk skateboard, no less. (And for those of you who don't know, Tony Hawk is like the KING of skateboarding.) And then we let him know where his party would be on Thursday. I think he just might have liked the whole thing!! Just maybe. =) Kind of like Sim when he got his Legoes and t-ball set.

And for those of you who read this quickly, I'm trying to post pics later, but for now, I've got to run and go see if baby is going to cooperate, lol.

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