Monday, April 13, 2009

Ode to a Sprintime Ramble

Okay, so I'm trying to be more regular here, who'd have thought? Today is the end of the kids' spring break, so I'm taking advantage of some of the last Sim-free hours for a while. Not that I don't love having a ball of energy around all the time, but it's easier to get things done. I can't believe with all I've done this morning it's only 10:30 now. Wow, I may still be able to work on my quilt top AND exercise. Gasp!

I love that spring weather is finally here! I love that Marina's Monster Paws didn't completely die (meaning that I didn't completely kill it -- I salvaged cuttings, sprouted them in water, and replanted them in a pot today). I love that Jessie also has a plant that you can take cuttings from (so that when siblings break half of it with random flying pillows I was able to to stick a couple starts in the soil and a few weeks later, viola! Planty is still alive and kicking). I love that my pumpkins and herb starts are taking off (especially the pumpkins). I love that with any luck, Steve and I will actually have a house and garden in time to do most of our summer planting this year. There's just something about dirt under the nails that feels like spring and summer. (Ever notice that even with gloves, dirt always finds its way to your nails anyway?) And I love that I can occasionally feel baby kicking me now and again. And that the kids by and large have stopped calling baby "Fig." =) I love Baby Animal Days (though AGAIN I was unable to go with the kids). AND I love that our cat is now fixed and now I can look at her and think, "What a great thing to have a good mouser" instead of, "When are her next kittens due and how on earth am I going to find homes for them all this time?" Oh, and I love that a group of homemade cleaning products found in Simple Mom's new e-book work really well! ( (Who'd have thought that baking soda and vinegar together mixed with water actually works? You'd think things would cancel out! And though the book was pretty basic, still I like how she divides spring cleaning up into managable portions with definite tasks.) There's a lot that I love right now, but I'll admit to two I don't -- waiting on the whole house thing, and having my stomach pop out a lot faster than ever before with a baby. I feel like one of Valerie's whales minus the lump on my forehead. =) AT LEAST I've only gained 8 pounds so far -- not too bad for being halfway there.

And guess what? I just copied all my blog posts and stuck them in MS Word documents (one for each year). I figured out that my journal was mainly spiritual and emotional things, but the newsy things were mostly here (and e-mail -- but more here). I joked to Steve that my journal was like the small plates of Nephi and my blog was like the large plates of Nephi. But hey! Now I have copies of both that don't depend on my internet being up. So yay! There's one more thing done on my list. And it's still only 11:07. (Grin!)

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