Monday, April 6, 2009

Awesome April (or at least busy)

So here comes April, the month of four different birthdays in my immediate family alone. Then when you start adding in more extended family, it just explodes! Sorry, all, can't buy gifts for everyone, but hey! Know that I'm thinking of you, all right? =) Now Steve and I get to go shopping for the Sim bug and Jenero. And I get to figure out what to get for the man who swears he doesn't need anything (except a 4X4, a shop, tools to go in the shop, improvements for the 4X4, etc.), since Steve's birthday is a few days after Sim's. Happy happy joy joy! Normally I'd love shopping for birthdays, but did I mention we're buying a house? Yeah, that sucks the cash out of the pocket pretty efficiently, lol! But we'll figure stuff out. We always do! Besides, once you add on a couple of kids' doctor appointments, an ultrasound in a couple weeks, spring break, Easter, and goodness knows what else, there's no time to worry about anything but keeping that smile in place! Oh, and purging our house. After General Conference, Steve and I decided our videos and some of our music probably should be thinned out a little.

So far things are going pretty smoothly on the house thing. We'll know better this week, probably, if there will be any hiccoughs or such, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. We know we were so lucky to find this house, and the kids even approve (gasp!). We took them to see it on Friday afternoon (right before the owners came home for the weekend), and it was great to actually hear positive comments coming from the kids downstairs while Steve and I were upstairs signing more paperwork (the kids, of course, had strict instructions not to touch anything . . . and please someone be in charge of Sim!). They loved the yard, too, with a huge tree on one side (looks like it's right on the property line so it's probably shared with the neighbor, but I'm sure Jenero can work something out for using the tree!), a cemented - in firepit, a raised garden with strawberries, another section of gated-in garden with a few berry bushes and lots of available dirt (I could see Sim itching to go and grab a shovel), and lots of room to run around. The kids also hope the owners will leave the playground set that looks pretty much a part of the yard, but no promises there. The kids had an impromptu game of tag in the backyard while we were there (with the little ones making sure to run in as much of the leftover snow as possible, lol), and it just felt right. And good.

So for all you busy people out there who actually took the time to read all these ramblings, all I can say is WOW! And please, what's your secret to actually getting up in the morning when you know you should? (Since you've got time, obviously you got up before I did at 7.) I just can't seem to get up at five or even six like I keep planning to get my exercise in. And as much as I want to blame it on my pregnancy, that feels like a cop out. Any suggestions? =) Oh and guess what? THE SNOW IS MELTING!!!!!

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