Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beautiful Snow

It's snowing today! Hooray! We have had such a dry winter with just a couple or three real snowfalls that this is VERY much appreciated. I love the flakes falling lazily down, or even hurtling down as they are now. I love watching the kids stomp off to school right through the yard in their boots and laughing as they can't resist pelting a snowball or two at each other. I love watching the baby's reaction as she watches the falling white stuff and feels snow on her face. I miss seeing a clear sky with trees heavily frosted outlined against it, but in many ways, this is better anyway. Yes, I love winter. I've missed a lot of it this winter since I get to stay inside with Serene a lot (she drools and spits up almost constantly which means she'd have a nice coating of ice if we went outside for longer than five minutes), but I intend to get out and take advantage of this snow this time. We've been paying the kids to watch Serene when we go out (mostly Xeneea since she's saving for a school Yellowstone trip) -- maybe they won't mind an added paycheck. =) And maybe Steve will let me use his slick sled!

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