Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Hurdle

So out comes all my FBA (functional behavior analysis) training. The Simbug, much as we love him, has had just a BIT of trouble following directions . . . or choosing to, shall we say. So we're starting our own program of reinforcing for following instructions the FIRST time they're given and ignoring when he doesn't since he's motivated by attention (even ignoring his collossal tantrums. And yes, that's the truly hard part!). We make it easy to earn rewards at first to show we're actually going to dish them out rather than having empty promises, and then we go from there. So here is Sim after he has completed his first small milestone and earned his piece of gum this morning. He's not perfect yet, of course, but it's already an improvement. Yay! Now if we can just keep finding what's reinforcing for him, we may be able to bring his mind back on track and hopefully get rid of all those not so desireable outbursts, lol! Let's hear it for FBA, probably one of the best things to come out of my SPED training. =)

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Valerie and Adam said...

Hey, it works for the dolphins...only their temper tantrums are easier to ignore most of the time. :)