Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here's to a new type of life

So how does everyone say 2010? Twenty-ten? Two thousand ten? I think I'm the latter simply because the last ten years have had a two thousand in them. Hmmm. These and other meaningless thoughts. =)

So sorry to everyone I didn't call or send a gift to this Christmastime. I'll admit I've been a little scatterbrained with everything this year (NOT working or going to school, pregnancy, starting Sim in school, new baby, etc. Strangely enough, they've all been big adjustments), but hopefully I can at least improve this year, lol.

Our family has decided to try and get healthier all around. Yes, that means get rid of junk food, keep healthy snacks, try for desserts only once a week, eating right all around, and exercising. And some of us have a weight-loss (or gain) goal in there. Remember Body For Life? It's still out there, and I still swear by it. And now that my baby is four months old and the holiday goodies are gone, I have NO excuse not to follow it again. I'll admit I got off when I was in school and teaching in classrooms simply because neither of those lifestyles are conducive to five mini-meals and LOTS of water (teachers just don't get bathroom breaks!). I've tried to keep up the exercising part, but it's nice to be joined by others now. I remember how good I felt when I was following the Body For Life program religiously, and I want to feel that good and have that energy again. So here we go! On to lower fat levels, more muscle mass, not to mention more energy! Care to join in? Here's day 2.

Our little Kissable is letting me know she does NOT approve of my typing any longer, so I'll sign off for now. Consider this my documenting my new goal so I can't back out! =)


Josh and Alli said...

I just wanted you to know I miss you!

Valerie and Adam said...

Good luck! :)